Common Cosmetic Allergens 

Common Cosmetic Allergens  With so many cosmetic products now on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which ingredients are helpful and which work for you. On top…

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Great Interview with Adam Torres!

Dr Liia Ramachandra, Founder and CEO of EpiLynx skin care, cosmetics and makeup is interviewed in this episode. Listen to the full podcast episode: Player: iTunes: Spotify:…

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How EpiLynx was born

EpiLynx was born from my struggle with gluten allergy and realizing that I wasn’t alone. Not being able to find skincare products that could guarantee being gluten free, my husband…

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To My Immigrant Parents

This is dedicated to All Immigrant Families all over the world: white, black, brown, yellow, any color or race or religion... Today is the official Launch of, our Clean…

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To be or Not to be?

What kind of question is that? You 'be' or 'not be'. Make a decision and stick with it. Be bold and take risks, while always keeping your integrity and ethics…

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