Melanie Mendelson, Owner of

I am an Owner/Publisher of (easy cooking recipes for busy people).
Most Skincare brands irritate my skin and make it look worse instead of better, but I had no irritation whatsoever after using EpiLynx. EpiLynx Rejuvenation Cream and Serum leave my skin fully moisturized and radiant. They actually improved my complexion in less than a week of use!

Liia Vainchtein, CEO of EpiLynx

I was previously Vice President at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, now owner of EpiLynx Best Gluten Free Skin Care and consulting firm LDV HealthCare.
Obviously I am biased that EpiLynx is the Best Gluten Free Skin Care, but to be honest that is the whole reason why we have designed and developed it since we could not find anything better on the market.

Peggy Ronsman, HealthCare Woman Leader

I am a Business Woman Leader at a major pharmaceutical company.
I have searched for several years for a serum or cream for the skin around my eyes that does not cause inflammation or irritation without success, until now! The EpiRadiance Sunrise Serum is perfect! I am 53 and have received more compliments on how radiant my skin looks now than when I was in my 40s (prior using this product). I saw improvements within a few days of use!

Sonia A. Veluchamy, CEO of Celegence

I have always been particular about ensuring that the products that are part of my skincare regimen contain high quality ingredients. When I found out that I was allergic to Gluten a few years ago, I struggled to find a gluten free product that provides the results and quality I was looking for. When I tried EpiLynx, I was so excited about the fact that I not only had no irritation, but my complexion appeared rejuvenated within days. It’s visible that my skin looks firmer and more radiant when using the EpiLynx serum and cream.

LS. VP, Life Science Industry

I love EpiLynx Sunrise Serum and Radiance Cream! The products absorb well and I did not have any irritation response which usually happens whenever I try new skincare products. As the busy mom of a toddler who travels for work across time zones, these products help keep me glowing – even on days when I feel exhausted!

Sarla Ramachandra, MOM and Grandma

f I leave it on for the night, I wake up and still feel radiant. Many people have commented that suddenly my skin looks more firm and radiant. I am so happy with this best cream and serum!

Anesu Williams, Director in R&D, Pharmaceutical Industry

I absolutely love the way EpiRadiance Sunrise serum and cream and EpiSilk Crystal serum and cream feel on my skin.  I have oily and sensitive skin and am very particular about the products that I use so when I found out that Epilynx products were gluten free, I was excited to try them. I am so happy that I did! My skin feels more smooth and moisturized and I even love the scent of the products – they create a feeling of calmness and relaxation.  As a busy career woman constantly on the go, I don’t want to have to worry about my skin and I feel that I’ve found the perfect product that’s now become part of my daily skin regimen.

Angie Thayer, a pharma professional for a major pharmaceutical company

I also have celiac disease. I love the Epilynx products because they make my skin feel great and they don’t expose me to gluten, like so many other products out there. I particularly love the sunrise serum and cream,” because they make my skin radiant.  

Angie Thayer, a pharma professional for a major pharmaceutical company.

Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease is a life-changing event. I was 40 years old when I learned that I was suffering from Celiac Disease. By that point, I had established my likes and dislikes and developed well-engrained eating habits. So, when I got the news there was a lot of reflection. I thought back trying to recall when it may have triggered; I wondered if my mother had suffered from it. I even questioned whether there were any life decisions I had made along the way that made me more susceptible. Once I came to terms with the fact that I had to be gluten-free for the remainder of my life to stop the damage that had occurred and begin the healing process, I began doing extensive research to understand what I could and couldn’t eat anymore. As a scientist, I felt well-equipped to navigate my way through food labeling. Within a few weeks, I felt like an expert in recognizing gluten contaminated food sources and had completely purged my home of gluten-laced foods, spices, and condiments. So, when my Gastroenterologist recommended that I meet with a dietician, I initially thought it was a waste of time and money. But I followed my doctor’s orders and had a consultation with a dietician. We walked through all the basics and she was impressed with my understanding and quickly established commitment to ensuring I didn’t eat gluten, but then she asked a question that caught me off-guard. “How about your personal hygiene products – have you checked those labels for gluten?” In an instance, I no longer felt like an expert. I had never even thought to check my various lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc. I went home and immediately went through every product I had. Sure enough, many of my products were contaminated, while others were lacking proper information to make an informed decision about. I contacted manufacturers trying to get information, but even that was not an easy task. In the end, I ended up throwing out a majority of my stuff either because it was clearly contaminated or I couldn’t determine if it was contaminated and it was better to be safe than sorry. This process was an eye-opening experience. I had no idea that so many products across so many industries contained gluten. So, when I heard about Liia and Sumant’s new company, Epilynx, focused on gluten-free skin care products, I was excited to try them out and compelled to get involved to share my story to bring awareness to this topic. Most people don’t fully understand what it means to need to be gluten-free. The gluten-free diet craze has been a double edge sword. It’s driven a new market segment for food and non-foods, alike, but it’s also clouded the understanding around those who this isn’t a lifestyle choice for. What people don’t realize is that for people with Celiac Disease, it is imperative to remove all gluten exposure. It’s the only proven treatment option to date. When you have Celiac Disease, exposure to any gluten results in an autoimmune response that ultimately destroys the small intestines. This can result in lots of serious health consequences, including malnutrition, malabsorption of key minerals, which increase the risk of osteoporosis, neurological conditions, and even increase the risk of cancers such as lymphoma. So much more than food exposes people to gluten every day. This makes it hard for people with Celiac Disease to achieve full recovery. That’s why it’s so important for companies like Epilynx to take on this challenge and provide safe options for those suffering from Celiac Disease.